Hi, I'm Steven. I write here in a completely personal capacity about agile software development and Ruby. I'm interested in connecting the disciplines of making and selling software - two often disparate and contradictory businesses. Agile is basically a set of techniques for bridging that gap.

Before going into software, I studied double bass performance at the Royal Academy of Music. After graduating in 1996, I spent four years performing worldwide with various orchestras, including the Philharmonia, the London Symphony, the Royal Philharmonic and the Halle. I also played at the Salzburg Festival and recorded for Deutsche Grammophon and Phillips at Abbey Road studios in London.

In 2000 I started looking for employment as a developer. Coding had been a schoolboy hobby and I'd been running a computer lab at the Academy. I was lucky enough to get a job with Ogilvy Interactive, a large digital marketing agency, where I learnt a huge amount. The full path from there to my present job at Google is on my Linkedin profile.

I tweet (usually off-topic) at @sshingler and I take pictures and upload them on my flickr stream.